OnGuard™ OnLine Data Management Service

onguard-online.jpgIndustrial plants face intense pressure to cut costs and manage internal resources more efficiently. Key strategies include improving overall machine effectiveness and reducing total cost of ownership. To do this, however, plant operators must be able to manage and respond to enormous amounts of process data, which means they must stay connected to equipment, information and personnel, even when they’re not on the plant floor.

To help industrial operations in their quest to turn mountains of data into actionable insights, Solenis’ monitoring and control platform includes a secure web-based service — OnGuard™ OnLine — that automatically collects system performance data from sensors, analyzers and controllers across your plant, as well as from operators who input data manually, and uses statistical process control tools and techniques to display data to drive program optimization. Plant personnel access these tools through the OnGuard OnLine website, where dashboards present a snapshot of performance variables and robust reporting capabilities allow for data mining and manipulation. Alert and alarm features provide automatic and rapid notification of system upsets or exceptions.

Our online data management service is an integrated component of the OnGuard portfolio (PDF 357 KB), which encompasses a variety of technologies designed to provide 24/7 monitoring and control of your process or water treatment programs based on actual system performance data. OnGuard technologies can run as stand-alone systems or as part of a fully integrated solution. And, of course, they come backed by a team of Solenis application experts.

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