Joining forces with BASF's paper and water chemicals business, Solenis is more ready than ever to solve your toughest challenges.

The inside story from our ceo.

"Together, we have a unique opportunity to create a customer-focused, global specialty chemical company with an enhanced focus and expanded offerings."
- John Panichella, President and CEO

Here’s Where Solutions Start.

Combining BASF’s paper and water chemicals business with Solenis creates an unbeatable combination of world-class technology and practical innovation. Our core strength: A legacy of developing leading-edge innovations.
  • More than 100 years’ experience in process enhancement and water treatment
  • One of three water treatment companies with a truly global footprint
  • A global leader in specialty papermaking chemicals
  • 41 manufacturing facilities strategically located near customers around the world
  • The most experienced professionals in the industry, averaging 20 years of expertise
  • 11 technical centers: an international network of facilities staffed by industry-leading scientists
  • More than 25 percent of all products sold are less than five years old
  • 2,000+ patents and numerous innovations that have transformed key industrial processes


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To our Customers.

Whether you’ve been a Solenis customer for years or are a new customer, you’ll experience an unwavering commitment to customer service excellence with our new organization. Now, more than ever, we are ready to help you overcome your challenges.
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"Both companies have long and proud histories with roots in paper and water-intensive industries, brands that are well-known to our customers, as well as diverse and complementary strengths that our customers value."
- Ed Connors, President, Americas

To our Distributors.

As a distributor for Solenis, you now have broader access to cutting-edge solutions that help our customers meet their production and profitability goals. Now that’s a win-win for everyone!
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“At Solenis, we’re better positioned than ever — with more products and a deeper bench of experts — to help our distributors and agents deliver customized solutions to our customers around the world.”
- Andreas Tuerk, President, Eurasia

To our Suppliers.

As a supplier to the newer, bigger Solenis, you’ll enjoy even greater opportunities to grow your business and expand your reach.
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“We seek to do business with suppliers who are committed to quality, service and continuous improvement, and we’re excited to continue — and even expand — these relationships as we meet the needs of our customers.”
- Chris Sittard, Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing and Logistics


The new Solenis is an industry leader to watch, a global player with a track record of growth and even greater plans for the future.

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